Why a Health Coach – Why NOW??


I feel like all the roads I’ve taken have led me to “here”

If I knew even 5 yrs ago what I know now, my struggles with weight loss, energy, fatigue would have been obsolete. Digestive issues, suffering with fibromyalgia, bloating, water retention, sugar addiction, weight gain, issues with hormones, brain fog ( any of these resonating?) all held me back from the person I desired to be.

I was the gal spending thousands on supplements / pills/ powders  that didn’t work, surviving virtually every popular diet / exercise plans over the last 20 yrs and actually gaining weight all the while following them ‘to the letter’!  Feeling at constant war with myself made me realize I needed to change course. Hitting 50 and overweight, I was feeling overwhelmed,  stressed and frustrated.

I then had an AHA moment!  I needed to turn this whole ‘weight loss’ mess into success. Never mind detoxing the body, I needed to ‘detox’ my mind.   I needed to stop the insanity and take back control of my life.  I wanted to LIVE the story I wanted to tell .  That moment began my journey to cracking the ‘wellness code’.

I’ve combined all of my personal experience and professional expertise in a proven system that can finally help women and men like you who are ready to get off the yoyo diet for good and reach your natural weight .  A weight that is easy to maintain and one that lets you feel good about your body… even if you have tried ‘EVERYTHING’ else and failed.